Sind Sie dabei, wenn wir die lebenswerte und sichere Stadt der Zukunft entwerfen?

June 15, 2022, Messe Berlin

Heat in the streets, drought in the countryside, flooding in the city and a pandemic on top of that? - New crisis situations come in quick succession. Megatrends are changing the world, the cities, the challenges: digitization, demographics, diversity, the mobility transition and definitely climate change. Public safety in the city is at risk. Our resistance? - Not enough.  

One could now lapse into transformation PANIC.

Or do you prefer the opposite?

With all change and transformation, a few things remain valid:

Physics and the laws of nature, for example.

We take the new challenges and crisis situations and make experiments visible what must and will happen according to the laws of physics and other natural sciences.

This comparison with reality enables us to enter into a dialogue about new solutions for the safe city of the future.

matchboxLIVE - that means:

  • Experiments - experience live and directly 

  • Dialogue - exchange between all relevant actors

  • Virtual reality - breaking new ground with digital possibilities 

matchboxLIVE - these are our topics:

  • the resilient city: from the flood door to cat protection lighthouses to spontaneous helpers

  • Megatrends in the city and public safety: urban densification, timber construction, green facades,
    Energy storage, car-free city center

  • Digitization and transformation: VR, simulation, BIM / CIM, geodata

Look forward to:

  • over 80 interactive experiments

  • impressive large-scale experiments

  • guided tours on special topics

  • Lively exchange and new perspectives in our Speakers Corner

  • new contacts and lively discussions at our network party in the evening

  • our food trucks with delicious and healthy street food 

matchboxLive 2022

June 15, 2022

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Messe Berlin

South entrance
Jaffé Street
14055 Berlin

Early Bird Ticket: € 350 plus VAT.
(until December 31, 2021)

Ticket: € 450, -  plus VAT.

Group tickets from € 280 plus VAT.